Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil - 100ml
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Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil - 100ml

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Fresh cut roses fragrance oil is the truest fresh cut rose on the market! A Best Seller!

Did You Know? Roses come in a variety of beautiful colors, with each color standing for a different meaning. They have always been a very popular gift to both give and receive. The top two holidays for roses are Mothers Day and Valentines Day. Dominantly, red roses are the most popular color given.

If you are looking for the perfect rose to give, or just curious, here is a breakdown of what they symbolize. True red- lovers Fiery red- passion Cardinal red- desires Fully bloomed red- I still love you Red rose buds- first love Yellow- friendship and domestic happiness, it is also an acceptable color for sympathy Orange- Pride or awe Peach- appreciation Pink- elegance or gentility White- unity, sincerity, loyalty and purity Purple- majestic glory and eternal love Lavender or Lilac- love at first sight, or beginning of true feelings Deep purple- reserved for very intimate situations Black- death